Forró Lamparina has a short but thriving history in Melbourne City. Idealised by musician, percussionist, educator Humberto Porto, who has moved to Australia in the midst of the pandemic, Lamparina has completed one successful year in May 2023. Performing usually as a quartet, Forró Lamparina has been consistently present in Melbourne’s music scene having performed over 25 times in its short existence including in venues such as Wolfhound on Brunswick, Bar Oussou, Bodriggy Brewing Company, Post Office Hotel, King’s Hotel and in festivals such as Warburton Valley festivals and Renaissance Festival among others.

Lamparina serves to the public an authentic experience, with traditional instruments and arrangements. The traditional instruments for the forró are Accordion, zabumba (percussion) and triagle (percussion) forming a trio. Other instruments may be added and are very welcome enhancing the experience. Names such as Dominguinhos, Luiz Gonzaga, Jackson do Pandeiro and Sivuca, pillars of the genre, are among the artists mostly represented in Lamparina’s repertoire.

From left to right he Band is composed by:

Steve Grant – Accordion

Camilla Xicatto – Vocals and triangle

Humberto Porto – Vocals and zabumba

Jorge Albuquerque – Bass

Forró Lamparina has also collaborated with other musicians such as former member bassist Rodrigo Salgado, accordionist substitute Amy Lynch, accordionist substitute George Butrumlis, bassist substitute Tebs, bassist substitute Josh Bridges, vocalist and percussionist Juliana Nascimento and vocalist and percussionist Dani Maya.

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